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Nathan De Asha is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and sponsored athlete from Liverpool, England. He made his pro debut in 2016, and has since competed at Mr Olympia and won various professional competitions.
Nathans first experience of weight training came when he was 18 years old. He says that he wanted to put on some extra weight to help his football career, but didn’t really know the best way. He was told about a local “backstreet gym”- but when he attended he says that the massive guys in the gym “intimidated” him.Even though it was a daunting experience for Nathan, he loved the experience of lifting the various free weights and building his body. Around this time, he also started to buy some bodybuilding literature, and particularly enjoyed reading a Joe Weider book, which detailed basic bodybuilding movements.

As he learned the basics, he began to create an excellent diet to match with his training routine, and saw quick results. This is when Nathans love for the sport really took off and when he realised he had to share his expertise with others and teach those looking to transform their physique and get into the art of bodybuilding and fitness the world over. Nathan has since transformed the lives of 1000’sand is now bringing the wealth of knowledge and experience he has learned over the years to you and this is where the online coaching platform was born. 

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